OneNote – Syncing all of your devices with Office 365 Business

OneNote could become ManyNotes if you’re not careful.

You would think it a simple process: create a notebook in OneNote and view it on all your devices – your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. In my case, I first logged into OneNote using my work email address on my phone, and thought this would sync across to my Office 365 account. Problem was I had created a personal Microsoft account using my work Office 365 email account (yes, you can use any active email address to create a personal Microsoft account), forgotten about it, then wondered why my notes weren’t synchronising to that account.

So let’s go with the simplest way to make sure your OneNote will synchronise to your work email account, and be accessible anywhere; from your desktop application, to a mobile device app, to your online Office 365 version.


  • For computer and online viewing:
    • Office 365 Business to have access to
      • OneDrive for Business
      • OneNote 2013
    • A notebook saved in your OneDrive for Business folder
  • For mobile devices:
    • OneNote app
    • Personal Microsoft account

On your desktop computer, open OneNote, go to the File menu and create a new notebook.


Click on Browse and navigate to your OneDrive for Business folder, then save the notebook there. As long as the notebook is in your OneDrive for Business, it will be saved in your Office 365 account and be viewable anywhere you are logged in.


You can check this by signing into your Office365 account at and then clicking on your OneNote Online app:


Now to get this notebook on your mobile device, you will first need to log into the OneNote app with a personal Microsoft account. If you do not have one, you can create one at

When you are logged in, select “Open notebook…”


From here, you will have the option to add different places. Select “Add an Office 365 account for work/school notebooks”.


Once added, your OneNote will start syncing. And there we have it – a OneNote that will synchronise across all your devices.

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