Consolidate your fundraising data with Pronto-DI, now on the AppExchange

AlphaSys Labs has kicked off 2019 with a bang! We’ve listed our first official App on the Salesforce App Exchange – ProntoDI – the Donation Importer tool for Nonprofit Cloud.

Is your team using a 3rd party Peer2Peer (P2P) fundraising website like EveryDayHero, GiveNow, Raisely, Good2Give or Classy?

Now you will be able to consolidate those donations in your Salesforce CRM, creating a centralised, and holistic view of your donor.

Using simple mapping templates and CSV fileProntoDI will upload your 3rd party data in minutes, automatically matching records against your existing Leads and Contacts in Salesforce!

Get ProntoDI for free now on the App Exchange!

ProntoDI also serves as a taster for the larger ProntoPlus app by AlphaSys Labs. It includes ProntoDI and several other fundraising specific tools. If you’d like to find out more about ProntoPlus you can contact

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