TEDxSydney is the leading platform and pipeline for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity, innovation and culture to the rest of the world. AlphaSys is proud to be partnering with TEDxSydney to share ideas worth spreading through innovative cloud technologies including Salesforce, WordPress and eTouches.


Having grown from a small community to gatherings of thousands at the Opera House and ICC Theatre, TEDxSydney needed scalable system to support their ever growing numbers.


AlphaSys delivered a Wordpress based website tightly integrated with their eTouches registration system to streamline the process for attending their annual event. Online applications were fed into Salesforce for review, response and reporting.


The new TEDxSydney website received hundreds of applications and thousands of hits within hours of launch. Manual workarounds and processing performed in prior years was significantly reduced to create a better experience for staff, volunteers and attendees.


TEDxSydney began at Carriageworks in 2010, with a single day of ideas and performances. After another two great Carriageworks events, TEDxSydney moved to the Sydney Opera House where it remained for four years.

Systems were cobbled together by willing volunteers enabling them to grow their database of community members to over 30,000. However many of these systems were straining with the growth with TEDxSydney experiencing challenges of keeping their data clean and useable.

AlphaSys were engaged as a partner to assist with redeveloping their website with a focus on future scalability and growth. After workshops with key stakeholders within TEDxSydney, the final solution involved:

  • Tighter integration with their eTouches registration system to reduce the manual work for managing thousands of applications and attendees.
  • Usage of Salesforce CRM to manage corporate partnerships.
  • Integration of the website into Salesforce where applications to attend could be processed. Correct communications would be sent via Salesforce to registrants with the corresponding outcome of their application.
  • Ability to manage website user logins directly from within Salesforce.

The new website was launched in 2016 receiving high volume registration applications and hits within hours of launch. TEDxSydney continues to partner with AlphaSys to further develop their core systems and enhance their community through technology.