Personas and Your Salesforce Project

A Salesforce implementation project, when done right, will provide you and your team with more than just a shiny new system to run your organisation. By the end of the implementation stage of your Salesforce journey,  you should expect to have a deeper insight into how you operate as an organisation. As well as ways to [...] Read more

Re-Engagement Campaigns; How to Stop the Fire Going Out

Our everyday lives are filled with 'cooling' relationships - when was the last time you saw your good friend from uni? Weeks? Months? Surely a little distance doesn't make the relationship any less important to you? Life simply gets in the way sometimes. It's the exact same principle with your cooling leads.   What is a Cooling Lead? Generally, [...] Read more

9 Fundraising mistakes your team could be making!

It’s been an amazing privilege to be able to work closely and engage with so many different fundraising teams and Nonprofits. Talking with organisations – whether that be in client discovery meetings, or just in the goodie-bag cue at the latest Salesforce conference – has driven home some common traps many fundraising teams have fallen [...] Read more

Consolidate your fundraising data with Pronto-DI, now on the AppExchange

AlphaSys Labs has kicked off 2019 with a bang! We’ve listed our first official App on the Salesforce App Exchange – ProntoDI – the Donation Importer tool for Nonprofit Cloud. Is your team using a 3rd party Peer2Peer  [...] Read more

Supporting Humanitix through a new Salesforce integration

An event platform that donates 100% of profits to charities At AlphaSys, our aim is to help amazing organisations achieve amazing things. Humanitix can definitely be classified as an amazing organisation. Not only have they shaken up the online ticketing industry, they’ve also received backing from Atlassian and [...] Read more